2016-07-17 Songs and Order of Service

Here are the songs and order of service for Sunday.  We will select 7 or 8 songs from the list.

1 Open the Eyes of My Heart Lord Chorus 0 KEY=E SEQ=v1,v1,c,b,b,c,v1,c,c,b,b NOTES=
2 Joy of the Lord (Rend Collective) Chrous 0 KEY=D SEQ=v1,v2,c,v3,v4,b,c NOTES=
3 Amazing Love (I’m Forgiven) Chorus 0 KEY=D SEQ=v1,c,v1,c,b,c NOTES=
4 Your Great Name Chorus 0 KEY=G SEQ=v1,c,v2,c,b,c NOTES=
5 O Come Let us Adore Him Brbook 67 KEY=G SEQ=v1,v2,v3,v4,v1 NOTES=
6 I’ll Fly Away BrBook 256 KEY=G SEQ=v1,c,v2,c,v3,c,c NOTES=
7 Shout to the Lord Chorus 0 KEY=A SEQ=v1,v2,c,v1,v2,c(end) NOTES=
8 My Saviour’s love Brbook 522 KEY=Ab SEQ=v1,v2,c,v3,v4,c NOTES=
9 Be Still and Know that I am God Chorus 0 KEY=C SEQ=v1,v2,v3 NOTES=
10 Hallelujah for the Cross (Newsboys) Chorus 0 KEY=Ab SEQ=v1,c,v2,c,v3,c,outro NOTES=

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